Personal Validation


For security reasons, some information will be requested to confirm your identity.

  1. Your last 4 digits of your social insurance number and date of birth will be required to authenticate.
  2. If the authentication is successful, a new form will then appear.
  3. In this form, if your email address is already registered in our system, it will appear on the screen. Your will be able to modify it by clicking “Modify the email.”
  4. If we do not have your email address, please include it.
  5. You will need to create a username and a password.
  6. At the end of this process, your MyPEAKOnline profile will b created.You can use the username and password created, each time you connect to the MyPEAKOnline portal.

Please contact your financial advisor if the following message appears, “The SIN and date of birth are already associated to a username. If you have forgotten your username, please contact your PEAK advisor.”

Peak locked security image

Please note that the information relating to your social insurance number is only used by PEAK to recognize your identity and compare it to the information stored in our database. PEAK does not use, display nor store the social insurance number within the MyPEAKOnline portal. If you prefer not using your social insurance number for identification upon your first connection to the MyPEAKOnline portal, contact your PEAK advisor